Tell us a bit about your institution.

Our company was founded in 2006 and specialises in corporate language training. Our mission is to deliver specialised professional English language training to companies and personalised professional language development to individuals.
We strive to deliver language expertise and individual care to the highest professional standards.

Tell us a bit about you.

My name is Alex Strbak and I’m one of the founders of Edifiers. I studied and lived in the UK for 9 years. I got my Master’s degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other languages (MA TESOL) from University of Brighton. My position at Edifiers is Partner / COO / Language coach and I also head our Digital Learning department.

How long have you been using Macmillan English Campus, and how do you use it?

We started using MEC back in November 2016 as we were looking for a digital learning platform to create blended learning programmes for our clients. The Macmillan English Campus has gone through a complete change and now it can be used on all platforms (Mac, Windows, IOS or Android), which makes it a perfectly versatile tool for both classroom use and self-study. We also use it to ensure continuity in the studies for clients who are extremely busy, have irregular lessons or travel a lot. MEC allows us to deliver complex language training and, at the same time, be flexible and adjust to our clients’ professional routines.

How has Macmillan English Campus helped your institution, your teachers and your students?

We have always been using Macmillan resources in our ESP classes, but now we have Macmillan’s full digital library at our disposal. We have included blended learning into our teacher training sessions. All our teachers have access to MEC and use it in their everyday teaching practice.
We have incorporated MEC into our Digital product line and developed language training products with various degrees of teacher involvement. This has enabled us to provide intensified face to face lessons as well as deliver complex distance learning programmes. On top of that, we recommend MEC as a meaningful self-study tool.

What’s your favourite thing about Macmillan English Campus?

Its flexibility and professional content. You can use it anywhere, anytime and spend as much time on it as you want, from 5 minutes to dozens of hours.
All you need is internet connection! If you feel tired, you can just read articles adopted from well-known newspapers or practise your grammar and vocabulary. If you wish to put in some hard work and study in a more structured way, the content is complex enough and highly professional. It saves you hours of clicking through online resources of dubious quality and, best of all, it’s personalised!