Instituto-Chileno-Britanico de Cultura

Tell us a bit about you and your institution.

As one of the largest English language institutes in Chile we offer a wide range of language courses in a variety of contexts, and our learners demand a dynamic and interactive online component, either to complement face-to-face classes or in blended and distance courses. We offer a range of general English courses, English for Specific Purposes, exam preparation, school curriculum support and teacher training. We work closely with two sister institutions: a professional institute and a university, both of which specialize in courses relating to English.

How long have you been using Macmillan English Campus, and how do you use it?

We have been using Macmillan English Campus since 2006. In most cases the platform allows us to provide extra or supplementary activities. The huge bank of resources that it provides allows us to tailor-make online courses to suit all our students, giving graded practice in reading and listening as well as multimedia grammar and language activities. Currently, it is predominantly used as a parallel (standalone) component, but we are looking to increase the number of opportunities to integrate the platform more deeply into course curricula.

How has Macmillan English Campus helped your institution, your teachers and your students?

The English Campus has become an invaluable tool and an integral part of our institute’s educational services.

Teachers and learners receive instant recorded feedback, and the range of reports and logs of student activity available helps to enrich our evaluative processes. The activities collected together for each course can be tailored to the level of the student, but access to the platform also provides teachers and students with access to the full extent of the resource bank, premium dictionary and grammar resources.

What’s your favourite thing about Macmillan English Campus?

The activity bank is continually being refreshed and augmented, and Macmillan are very responsive and are quick to act on requests for extra material, training or technical support. The English Campus has become an invaluable tool and an integral part of our institute’s educational services.