Teachers at the heart

Celebrate 2015 with Macmillan English Campus and teacher training webinars dedicated to supporting teachers at the heart of blended learning.

As part of our celebrations of teachers at the heart at Macmillan Education, we want to recognise the essential role that teachers play in blended learning and how they can make the most of technology to tailor their teaching to individual student needs.

Back in April, we invited one of our own Macmillan English Campus teachers, Amarilla Palágyiné Kollár, Academic Coordinator of E-Katedra, to talk about their approach to blended learning, focusing on what teachers need in order to feel confident and be successful when teaching with technology and using tools such as the English Campus.

Over the next few months, we’re continuing to support teachers new to blended learning, as well as helping our regular teachers make the most of the teaching tools on the English Campus with our training programme.

Why does blended learning need well-trained teachers?

Ensuring teachers are fully trained on the tools and systems they use to teach is essential in helping them use its features to the best of its ability, and in turn be able to demonstrate to students  how they can use such tools.

Teaching with a digital element in the classroom, learning how to motivate students to complete their homework online or teaching in a virtual classroom environment all have their unique challenges. It’s important that teachers are prepared and have the support they need to overcome any difficulties, so that using technology becomes an aid to their teaching.