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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know if an activity is already present in a course?

If an activity within the Practice area shows the word “Course” next to its Activity ID, it means that this activity is part of a course assigned to one of your classes. This is useful for teachers because you can see if an activity is already part of a course assigned to your class – therefore, you can avoid assigning duplicate homework to your students. Moreover, if you click on Course, you will see the name of the course the activity is in.


Why can’t my students see their course when they log in?

If students are having trouble seeing their courses, there are several possibilities. As an administrator, please check the following:

Course is assigned to the class

Go to the Classes page. Find the relevant class, then click on View next to the class. After that, click on the Course tab. If there are any courses assigned to that class, they will be displayed here. For example:

If there is no course assigned, go to the Classes section, click on Bulk Actions and select Update. You will need to upload a template with the class details and add the Course ID for your class. After the file is imported, the course will be added to the class.

Students aren’t assigned to the class

Go to Classes page. Find the relevant class and click the View icon. This shows you the list of students assigned to the course in that class. If you want to assign any users, go back to the Users page and click on Edit next to the user. Then below Class, select the class from the list and click on Save.

Course activation dates

Go to Courses page. Check if the course ‘Withdraw date’ has passed. If this is the case, in order to reactivate the course, click the Edit button next to the course. Change the ‘Withdraw Date’ and click on ‘Save’.

Also check the ‘Activate Date’. If the course hasn’t reached it yet, unless it is changed, it won’t be visible for teachers and students until that day comes.

Class activation dates

Go to Classes page. If the class appears in light grey that means its ‘Withdraw date’ has passed. To reactivate the class, click on the Edit button. Change the ‘Withdraw Date’ and click ‘Save’.


Why can’t I log in to my English Campus?

Please follow these guidelines to log in:

  • Ensure that you are entering the correct Domain, Username and Password. Ensure that your username hasn’t reached its end date or is activated.
  • Remember that the password field is case-sensitive; check your ‘Caps Lock’ key is switched off.
  • Do not enter any extra spaces when you type your Username and Password.
  • If you are still unable to log in, you can use the ‘Forgotten password’ and/or ‘Forgotten username’ link on the login page to reset your information, or contact your platform’s administrator

What are the system requirements for Macmillan English Campus?

In order for the Macmillan English Campus to work effectively on your computer, please ensure the following system requirements are met:

Component Required
Operating System Mac >= (10.10), Mac (10.11)
iOS >= 8
Android >= 4.4
Web browser Mac (10.10), Mac (10.11) : Safari >= 9.0.3 and Chrome >= 51.0.27, Firefox >= 49
Windows 7 : Chrome >= 51.0.27, Firefox >= 49, IE10 and IE11
Windows 8.1 : Chrome >= 51.0.27, Firefox >= 49 and IE11
iOS : Safari >= 9.0.3
Android : Chrome >= 51.0.27

Can large numbers of users be logged in to the Macmillan English Campus at the same time?

Macmillan English Campus is designed so that many users can be logged in at the same time. How quickly the English Campus runs when many users are logged in at your institution is dependent on the internet connection and the bandwidth you have available. As the number of users using the web increases, so does the bandwidth that is being used.


Why is the English Campus running slowly?

If you find the English Campus is running slowly, this is likely to be because of the internet connection you are using. You should run a configuration check to see if your computer or mobile device meets the minimum requirements for running Macmillan English Campus. Please see Minimum System Requirements FAQ to learn how to do this.


What is Restricted Groups mode and how do I know if my school has restricted access?

Your institution can choose whether to run your English Campus in open groups mode or restricted groups mode. Open groups is the default setting where all data is visible to administrators across groups.

If your English Campus site is running in restricted mode, users will (generally) not be able to see data from groups which they do not belong to. Therefore, group administrators will only be able to see a course once it has been assigned to their group by your institution’s Superadministrator.


How do I restore archived users?

Only Superadministrators and Administrators can restore archived users.

When users are deleted, their details are not completely removed from the database. Instead, they continue to be in the Users area. Archived users, unlike active users, will appear greyed out.

As a Superadministrator, you can restore your archived users. Go to the Users page and search for the user to restore.

Then, click on Restore for the users you want to restore.

After being restored, the users will be shown as active. They will be able to log in to the English Campus again. All their Macmillan English Campus data (e.g. course assignments, scores) will be restored too.


Can my institution have its own logo on our English Campus?

It will have been decided in your Macmillan English Campus contract, if branding with your institution’s logo can be included on your site. If branding is included in your contract, supply us with a logo image for us to upload to your English Campus. Ideally we would like a high quality logo image in this format:

  • SVG file or a high resolution image (200dpi) in PDF
  • Dimensions:
    • Desktop - 244 x 277
    • Tablets - 124 x 56
    • Mobile - 60 x 70

If your contract does not currently include branding but this is something you would be interested in, please contact your Macmillan English Campus representative.


How do I create and update multiple users?

Administrators can remove users from classes in the User Management section of the English Campus. Details about how to do this are available in this guide


How do I remove a user from a class?

Administrators can remove users from classes in the Users are of the English Campus. In order to do this, go to Users section and click on Edit next to the user you want to modify. Then in the Class field, select ‘x Uncheck all’, and save.


Sending messages: When I click on “Send” nothing happens.

This problem happens when the message we include in the email has been copied and pasted with a format from an external word processor or other sources. If the text includes any hyperlinks, this will stop the message from being sent. In order to resolve this, create a new message on MEC and paste any external text in the body message without any format. To do this, please right-click on the message area and select “paste as plain text”. The message should send without any issues then.