Hear what the Macmillan English Campus users say about us…

Seeing the redesigned Macmillan English Campus, I am very pleased with the reduced and modern new layout. As a student, the new homepage gives me a sense of achievement and motivates me to keep completing resources and actively search for additional resources to further improve my English skills. The platform’s functions and features have been regrouped logically and make handling of the platform self-explanatory and more intuitive. I am positive that our clients will highly value the alterations which were clearly designed to enhance every student’s learning experience.

Isabell Kemper, Project Manager E-Learning & Testing at arenalingua, Köln – Germany

The Macmillan English Campus has helped us incorporate new technologies into the classroom. Students have more opportunities to practise the language in an interactive way. It is a great tool that fosters autonomous learning. Whenever my students have a test, they do all the exercises suggested for the units to be evaluated.

Maria Laura Delli Santi, Teacher at Asociación Argentina de Cultura Inglesa Ramos, Buenos Aires – Argentina

I was attracted to the idea of blended learning and started looking for different resources and in my quest, I was very lucky to find Macmillan English Campus, an extremely valuable resource for the learning of English as a foreign language. Not only has the English Campus provided us with the great advantage of accompanying our students in their journey to become autonomous, it also offered us a flexible time management programme, with the ultimate goal for students to become ‘independent users of the language (B1+)’, and internationally competitive

Maria Elena González García, Associate Dean of Language at Universidad Latinoamericana, Mexico City – Mexico

The Macmillan English Campus offers an up-to-date learning experience for students. It is easy to use for teachers and requires little effort on their part as teachers are often very busy. Students can have nearly endless possibilities for extra language practice outside the classroom.

Peter Luntz, EFL Programme Coordinator at International Language School srl, Milan – Italy

The English Campus has proved to be a powerful tool in aiding learners in their progress. Furthermore, it is a good response to the learners’ emerging needs for e-learning tools, and has also helped to develop our teachers professionally.

Bela Toth, Head teacher of Blended Learning Department at Katedra Nyelviskola, Budapest – Hungary