Perioli Language Pilots GbR

Tell us a bit about you and your institution.

Paul Perioli, Director of Studies:

I’ve been working in the language training sector since the mid-80s and have almost 30 years of experience in management of national and international sales and pedagogical teams. In 2013 I co-founded Perioli Language Pilots in Bonn, Germany together with my wife Heike.

PLP offers structured bespoke language and management training solutions in the B2B sector. In just over a year we have seen a very rapid growth and have expanded operations to serving clients nationwide.

How do you use the Macmillan English Campus?

Our institution has been using Macmillan English Campus from the very beginning. In addition, I have personal experience of Campus stretching back 10 years. We use it in all our English language training programmes for classroom work as well as pre- and post- classroom activities. We also combine Campus with video conferencing technology to provide telephone lessons and virtual classrooms.

What’s your favourite thing about Macmillan English Campus?

Apart from the excellent customer service offered by Macmillan English Campus, I particularly enjoy the great variety on offer. There really is something for everyone. You can use Campus in a very structured way, however there’s opportunity to be very flexible to cover all learner needs.

How has Macmillan English Campus helped your institution, your teachers and your students?

We see much quicker progress with students when combining Campus with face-to-face lessons. Campus makes homework fun and motivating as well as leaving the trainer to concentrate on specific learner needs in the classroom instead of generic grammar or lexis.

What has been the feedback on the new student design of the English Campus?

The new design gives a much cleaner, transparent look to Campus. It has become very user-friendly, which is all the more motivating to use.