The English Campus includes a range of cutting-edge tools that work for you.

Eliminate paperwork with automatic marking

When your students complete an exercise on the English Campus, their results are immediately recorded on their progress report, saving teachers’ time and making it easy to monitor progress at a glance, whether for a whole class or for an individual student.

Personalize learning with word lists, web links and bookmarks

From useful vocabulary to reference links and bookmarked activities for targeted extra practice, teachers can easily organize content in lists and folders, share them with their students or keep them for reference for the next class. And students can also create their own lists and access saved materials quickly through a personalized tool bar available on every page of their platform.

Upload your own content with My Files

Want to use your own documents, presentations, audio files or images in class? Maybe upload an article to share it with your class? Use My Files to keep your content at hand inside the English Campus: you choose it whether you want to keep it private or share it.

Stay in touch with messages

No need to share your email address with your students: you can use the internal messaging functionality to send them links, homework or support, while your students can write to you to clarify doubts or get feedback.

Support vocabulary with the Macmillan English Dictionary

You can access the award-winning Macmillan English Dictionary Online at the click of a button, directly from your English Campus, to benefit from over 100,000 definitions that can help your students in class or at home.