Benefits for teachers

Automatic marking, intuitive course-building tools and flexible ways to communicate with students: the English Campus is designed to empower teachers and free up their time and resources.

For teachersWe know that finding quality online resources that you can trust can be a struggle: with the English Campus, teachers have access to a database of over 50 pre-built courses and more than 5,000 activities, all written by expert authors and teachers, and carefully graded.

You choose whether you want to use a pre-built course or test, adapt them to your students’ needs, or build your own tailored courses for every class – or even for every student!

And there’s no need to spend hours marking activities or tests: you just need to open the automatic Markbook to see at a glance how your students are doing, find out if anyone is struggling with their homework, or spot those who need a new challenge. You can then immediately respond to these needs, thanks to the option to send Bookmarks, Word lists, Web links, your own files or simply a message to your whole class or to a single learner.

Last but not least, your own professional development matters to us. We offer all Campus teachers a digital Methodology library, available directly within their Campus, as well as our extensive Support Centre and regular training sessions with our in-house team, to make sure you have a wealth of opportunities to discover new techniques and get inspired.