The history of Campus

In 2013 Macmillan English Campus celebrated its 10th birthday: see how far we’ve come since 2003…


Version 1 of the English Campus

April 2003: Macmillan English Campus is born

Macmillan English Campus launches its version 1.0, developed and customized for Cultura Inglesa São Paulo in Brazil.

September 2005: More than one dialect

Macmillan English Campus version 2.0 launches all over the world. The English Campus is made available in both British and American English.



Test Compiler launches in 2008

November 2007: Version 3.0

Version 3.0 of the Macmillan English Campus is launched.

July 2008: Testing made easy

Macmillan English Campus launches the Test Compiler, a tool that allows teachers to build and assign tests for their students drawing on an easy-to-search database of exercises.



Video activities are launched in 2009

March 2009: Videos

We publish our first video activities,enhancing the learning experience by contextualizing listening skills practice, providing visual stimulation and the chance to see body language.

September 2009: Voice Record and Playback

The Voice Record & Playback functionality is added to all listening and pronunciation activities, allowing learners to record and compare themselves to the originals.



2010: new exercise player

January 2010: New exercise player

The design of all our activities is updated and new interaction types are introduced, including multi-task activities and context-specific feedback.

August 2010: Placement Test

We add a ready-to-use Placement Test to our Test Compiler.



A fresh, modular new design is launched in 2010

October 2010: Fresh look

The English Campus is redesigned with a flexible modular structure, allowing users to customize their homepage depending on their own needs.

August 2011: 1,000 activities for tests

The library of the Test Compiler passes the milestone of 1,000 activities.

November 2011: Grammar videos

Fifty of the very popular Grammar Reference Units are enhanced with videos.


Culture World

Culture World, a brand-new module launched in 2012

March 2012: Culture World

A new module available within the English Campus, Culture World includes over 800 videos in a variety of accents, as well as a brand-new interaction type: roleplay.

August 2012: 5,000 resources

The content library of the English Campus reaches the milestone of over 5,000 resources.

April 2013: The Daily Bite

The English Campus introduces a brand-new module, updating daily with key vocabulary and grammar points.

MEC4 Student home (tools open)

Version 4.0 launches a new redesign of the English Campus


November 2013: Speaking activities

The first series of speaking activities are published on the platform, with teacher marked activities for the IELTS exam.

December 2013: Version 4.0

The platform is redesigned to improve the usability and learning experience for students, providing simpler navigation and a streamlined content search functionality.