10 years of digital expertise with Macmillan English Campus

In 2013, we celebrated Macmillan English Campus turning 10 with some exclusive surprises to help you teach with digital resources!

Since its launch back in 2003, Macmillan English Campus has come a long way. We’ve published over 5,000 activities, and more than 1,000 testing resources. We’ve completely changed the look of the Campus three times to adapt to the newest technology and respond to the feedback you gave us. We’ve traveled all over the world to offer thousands of hours of training, advice and support in blended learning.

Since 2003 we’ve worked with hundreds of thousands of teachers and students, in institutions of all sizes all over the world. We’ve learned invaluable lessons from them on how to use technology in the classroom, and developed a wider, better range of solutions to respond to your needs more flexibly. And what better chance than a celebration to share this expertise with our community?

So whether you’re an expert in using technology in the classroom or you’re just starting to take your first steps, we prepared a few surprises that we hope will inspire you, motivate you and support you in your digital journey…

Your digital questions


Looking for online tools to motivate students? Need advice to make more of your classroom technology? Whatever your digital question, big or small, we want to help you find answers to support your teaching: whether you’re a complete technology novice interested in learning more or a digital enthusiast looking to clear up a query you’ve never resolved.

We’ve filmed a series of videos to help answer all your most pressing digital questions. Watch our full playlist of videos answering digital questions from teachers around the world on our YouTube channel.


10 years of digital expertise at the heart of the ELT classroom

Campus inspiration

In this special collection, we’ve brought together some of the best articles, tips and ideas about using technology in the classroom that we’ve published over the last 10 years – all completely free to read and download. From advice on using IWBs to a quiz that tests your mobile learning knowledge, it’s all about bringing technology into your classroom in the way that works for you and your students. Read it here and download the PDF in our Campus Inspiration section!